Here is my last and corrected text about: Getting more technical in politics...
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2017-05-29 03:22:40 UTC
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Here is my last and corrected text about: Getting more technical in

Getting more technical that's also mean getting more efficient with
rationality and logic, because i am a rational type of person..

You have to understand the game of politics..

The game of politics is not saying that jews are getting rich so jews
are bad, this is the neo-nazism way of thinking..

But this thinking is inferior..

Because when you think about morality, you have
to decompose morality into the guidance of morality and
the a priori pure moral and empirical moral..

I have defined the guidance of morality as being the goal of philosophy
that is happiness that guides also morality, this guidance
is inherent to our essence.

And a priori pure moral is inferred from reason

and empirical moral is inferred from empirical world.

So morality is not too much ideal justice as in communism using
the tool of the violence of Class Struggle because of compassion that
wants to reduce too much social Darwinism, this causes extremism and
violence, or morality is not too extreme definition of what is white
europeans civilization, as in neo-nazism, and that lacks the
optimization with the heuristic of "tolerance" towards immigration that
optimizes the economic system and the social system , this is an
inferior thinking.

You can make more money with more money, but allowing making more money
is also a mechanism like an heuristic that provoke and bring more
quality, this is also inferred from empirical moral, it's like the
heuristic of "tolerance" that optimizes the system, we allow also to
make more money to not being laziness and to be more productive and to
be more efficient and to be more creativity and to be more inventivity..
so this heuristic is the base of capitalism also, this is why we can not
say that capitalism is bad, but capitalism and the system is also
constrained by other mechanisms like the mechanism of not neglecting
compassion and respect and love to not cause violence and extremism in
the system,
now the interpretation of how much compassion and respect and love
will not be leaved to the reader, because the degree of compassion and
love and respect needed in the system must be interpreted as avoiding
extremism that can causes hate and violence and desorder, so the degree
of compassion and love and respect must be approximated by a political
party such as social democracy or social Liberalism that knows how
to be decent compassion and decent respect and decent love, the other
important mechanism is "democracy" and the power of the people
, this power of the people can provoke and bring quality but
it's also constrained by the mechanism and the counter-power of the
financial and banks institutions that have there rating methodology that
take into account the Political Risk factor and the economic conditions,
and this creates also a world stability because we have to optimize our
economic systems and by being responsable by being also responsable
governance and responsable democracy, the other mechanism is
also the consumer confidence index that is a power that provoke
and bring quality to the system, because we have to know how to be
respect and compassion and love to higher consumer confidence
index locally and internationally, the other mechanism about morality
is the soft way and the hard way to provoke and bring quality to
morality, You have to know how to provoke and bring quality to morality
of the system, there is the soft way and the hard way.. all is not laws,
you have to know how to provoke and bring quality using the soft way,
like i was doing in my previous post called:

"What is the most important goal of my political philosophy?"

and you have to know how to design and implement laws by being more
efficient at inferring them from the guidance of moral and a priori
pure moral and empirical moral more, this is the essence of efficiency,
you have to be capable and smarter in doing it, that's a necessary
requirement to survive better and that fact is the soft way
that provoke and bring more quality and the hard way is to know
how to enforce the necessary laws, so be smart, because
it's the essence of rationality and logic.

Also there is the mechanism and heuristic of "tolerance" over
immigration that provoke and bring more quality, as i have
said that Nationalism of Donald Trump lack the heuristic of flexibility
using tolerance that get you more optimized, but social Liberalism of
democrates uses the flexibility of tolerance to optimize the economic
system and the social system, nationalism is like extreme justice of
communism that lack tolerance and that can hurt economic system and the
social system.

Because I have said about morality that:

Justice has to constrain happiness..

And responsability has to constrain justice..

But responsability is influenced by the variable of tolerance ,
so if we are more tolerance on responsability we can higher the consumer
confidence in you and we can attract more consumers and we can penetrate
more the market of others, this is the game of social Liberalism.

Social Liberalism of democrates wants also to play the card of tolerance
to attract consumers and to higher consumer confidence index and to be
able to penetrate more the market of others and to optimize better the
social system, nationalism doesn't undertand it well.

And i have explained also to you about the heuristic of "tolerance" that:

Capitalism also wants to optimize, and capitalism says for example
that even arabs are not as beautiful as white europeans, it says that
arabs are tolerable, because capitalism wants to optimize economy
and the society by bringing arabs immigrants that are also decent
people, because today we are constrained by many factors, and
optimization has been rendered by those constrains to as the following:

If you are useful for something like jobs and economy or/and useful to
low birth rate of white europeans or/and you are useful to higher the
consumer confidence index and/or and you are useful to better the world
order and security , you can be welcome to USA or other countries..

About America and the world..

Before, operating systems like OS/2 of IBM were a monolithic OSs ,
but as the time has gone by we have developed more sophisticated
OSs like Mach 3 or Windows NT, those sophisticated OSs were more
decentralized and were designed in a such a way to be more efficient
and managed better, the difference between a monolithic one and not
monolithic one is like programming with message passing or Object
oriented programming, and we have also the tendency to decentralize the
management of our societies to be more efficient, it's the same
for capitalism , capitalism tries to optimize better by not
being as monolithic as the old way of thinking of Hitler, so
today because of constrains on optimization, usefulness is interpreted
not as being as beautiful as white europeans or being as civilized as
white europeans to better optimize the system economically.. it's
like decentralizing to better optimize, now to not get extremist,
you have to know how to tune correctly optimization to better optimize
and to not cause problems to societies.

Also you have to know how to apply the division of labour and how to
apply Adam Smith's specialization Theory to be more optimized..

And the other mechanism that bring quality to the system is the following:

About the crispations of extremist nationalism..

The old way of thinking like nazism and communism was full of violence..

So we have to enhance ourselves to avoid those problems..

The world has changed, and we are not at the time of Hitler in 1930,
the crispations of extremist nationalism was also due to a need
of being more domination in the secondary sector of economy, but
this model is becoming more archaic, please read why:

"The economic models developed by the development economists of the
1960s, based on the idea of industrializing industries, seem to be
losing more and more of their unconditional supporters. The economic
development of a country or a region is no longer Dependent on the
development of the secondary sector or heavy industry. "
by M'Fadel El Halaissi, of which our readers are familiar, is Deputy
Chief Executive Officer of BMCE Bank.

Please read more here(you have to translate it from french to english,
because it is in french), it's from the Economist Magazine in Morocco
my country:


Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
2017-05-29 08:06:54 UTC
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