The act of reducing complexity
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2017-05-27 01:02:16 UTC
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The act of reducing complexity

This act is very important..

How can you reduce complexity ?

This is my way of doing here..

Like in computer programming you can use reusability efficiently..

Also you have to know how to simplify your thinking without getting into
complexity to be able to know more about politics.. and as you
have noticed in my political philosophy i am keeping it high level,
like in Macroeconomics..

Also you have to know how to not waste your time with hate, and
construct your thinking layer by layer incrementally by enhancing more
and more your thinking, the process of thinking is basically an
incremental process that comes also with weaknesses and bugs that must
be corrected, so you have to know how to be patience and tolerance to
attain your goals..

You will say that you prefer mathematics and science.. but you have to
be able to understand that political philosophy is useful in that it
gets us also into the architectural ideas that are the basis of
constructing a political party.

To attain those architetural ideas that set correctly your perception
and conception is the goal of political philosophy..

But political philosophy also follows the law of usefulness that
is constrained by the law of survival, it must get more professional,
so defining professionalism is the key also to success, the conception
of being more professional must get out from the old conception and get
into more efficient thinking that uses technics of computer programming
and rationality and logic and/or science etc.this is why you are
seing me enhancing my thoughts layer by layer to be able to attain
also the architectural ideas that constitute the fondation of
my political philosophy.

So from now on , i think you have understood more my way of doing, and
to be convinced more, please read my following thinking and views:

About love and respect..

Being love and respect is not just feelings of love and compassion and

Being love and respect is being disciplined in your thinking and
applying rules of more efficient thoughts to output love and compassion
and respect without being feelings of love and/or compassion and/or pity.

This is how you have to transcend the living conditions of blacks
and arabs etc.

Do you think that people are love or are compassion or are pity towards
blacks or arabs ? i don't think so.

So like the mechanisms of our civilization we have to find the
mechanisms in the guidance of moral and in the a priori pure moral and
in empirical moral to enhance the living conditions of blacks and arabs etc.

This is why you have seen me more disciplined in my thinking and also
applying rules of more efficient thoughts to output love and compassion
and respect without being feeling of love and/or compassion and/or pity..

You have to transcend inferior thinking and be capable at this
processes, and this processes needs wisdom and efficient thinking...

This is why you are seing me speaking about different subjects here
on this forum, so please read my following thoughts to understand better
my views, and hope you have read my previous text of my political
philosophy before..

About neo-nazism..

Neo-nazism says for example that blacks americans are more impulsive and
this causes more violence..

So since i score high on emotional intelligence that knows how to be

I will say that blacks have to learn how to be patience of science,
and they have to know how to be patience of science , you have to be
convinced to learn and relearn how to walk, you have to set high this
priority to be able to transcend your living condition and the living
conditions of blacks, and to be convinced at that, you have to have for
example to know that professionalism and usefulness is the key of
civilization of today, civilization of today value high the expertise
and value high professionalism that knows how to survive, this is the
weakness of blacks of America, they have to enhance there thinking and
be more wisdom that knows how to survive and knows how to set its
perception correctly and knows about wisdom, but to apply wisdom
correctly you have to score more higher on emotional intelligence, and i
am setting the definition of wisdom as including higher level of quality
of thinking and of culture, so my dear i think that you understand me
more this time, so please reread carefully what i wrote previously:

About optimization..

And what about optimization of the system ?

You have to be capable of inferring the correct actions to be done
to better optimize..

Optimization of today is not being machist, because optimization of
today has to know how to be presentable and how to be good looking and
how to be patience and how to be tolerance to better optimize,
optimization of the system is also using the heuristic of tolerance
to maximize better and to optimize better, machism is not good
at that, so you have to know how to be patience and not to rush
as fools with your harch words and actions against this or against that,
you have to learn how to set correctly your perception that guides
you correctly to the goal, and to be able to set your percetion
correctly you have to know your weaknesses and enhance them,
if you are like a nihilist you will say that what i am saying is
futility, but you have to fight against nihilism and be wiser and
be more wisdom..if you want to trough yourself to suicidal
actions that destroy the very basis and back-bones of the system ,
you have to be controled by law to not cause harm to the system,
and designing and implementing laws is not an easy job, you have to be
really capable of thinking well, so please be patience and think
twice before rushing like a fool.

About usefulness

How to be usefulness ?

Usefulness is constrained by some constrains like by tolerance and by
money of capitalism and by survival

To be usefulness is becoming a professional job

Usefulness that is constrained by survival is setting oneself apart from
the others with more professionalism that knows how to survive.

And this is really an interesting subject since usefulness is the
back-bones also of civilization as is also morality.

So to know about usefulness you have to set well your perception and
enlarge your conception by enhancing correctly your thinking.

And to be able to set your perception well, you have to be patience
of science, because our perception can not be set fast , it takes
time to mature and to become a correct perception that knows correctly
about the empirical world such as empirical moral.

So as you have noticed it is an interesting subject, so i invite
you again to read what i wrote before:

About extraterrestrials of the Koran

I have said that:

Who is God or Allah ?

There is still a question to ask..

Why God or Allah has abondoned us over this planet ?

This question is very serious..

And the answer is that the message onto the prophet Mohamed is a message
from extraterrestrials, Allah is just extraterrestrials that
are not God as we know, but those extraterrestrials are limited in there
power, it's not them who have created us and they are not God or Allah
as we know it, but those extraterrestrials have just enhanced the
prophet Mohamed to be able to invent himself the Koran, this is why the
Koran is an arab imperfection, because those extraterrestrials have not
given perfection to the prophet Mohamed, and this explains also why
those extraterrestrials have abondoned us, because they are
not so much interested in us, those extraterrestrials have
helped us a little bit to be able to organize as judaism or as
islam or as christians.

That's i think the true story of those religions.

So what have needed those extraterrestrials from us ?

They have wanted us to be more organized !

So i have said that:

So what is also the game of today ?

To be more professional is the game

But what is the definition of being more professional ?

It depends on the reference of your actions.

If the reference of your actions look like the old type of people,
you will say that being more professional is being of low level quality
of thinking and of culture..and that's the old way of thinking..

The new way of thinking is being optimization..

Because optimization says that to better survive you have to be more
disciplined in your thinking and your culture must be of higher level of
quality, So to survive better you have to think bigger and you have to
be for example multidisciplinary by knowing computer programming and by
knowing operational research and by knowing mathematics and by knowing
statistics and by knowing politics and by being more rational and more
logic. This is how i am making my way, this is why you have seen me more
efficiently discussing Islam with rationality and logic. And this is
why you have seen me constructing my political philosophy, and this
is why you have seen me implementing my softwares in front of your eyes.

Social Liberals has pointed out to how global poverty, life expectancy,
opportunity and peace are all improving. So we have to take into account
those facts.

Now i will return to something important about social Liberalism and
social democracy..

I will like theorize more social Liberalism and social Democracy..

I have said the following about social Liberalism and social democracy,
read it carefully:

Nationalism of Donald Trump lack the heuristic of flexibility using
tolerance that get you more optimized, but social Liberalism of
democrates uses the flexibility of tolerance to optimize the economic
system and the social system, nationalism is like extreme justice of
communism that lack tolerance and that can hurt economic system and the
social system.

I have said about morality that:

Justice has to constrain happiness..

And responsability has to constrain justice..

But responsability is influenced by the variable of tolerance ,
so if we are more tolerance on responsability we can higher the consumer
confidence in you and we can attract more consumers and we can penetrate
more the market of others, this is the game of social Liberalism.

Social Liberalism of democrates wants also to play the card of tolerance
to attract consumers and to higher consumer confidence index and to be
able to penetrate more the market of others and to optimize better the
social system, nationalism doesn't undertand it well.

I give you an example, i have said:

About Machism..

Real machism is violence and it's more individualistic, and it's poor
Emotional intelligence.

So we can not be confident with machism..

Donald Trump is more machist..

The game is also giving first to be able to receive after..

Machism is not good at that..

Economy is also knowing how to give respect and compassion
and love to be able to higher the consumer confidence in you..

Security is also knowing how to give compassion and love and respect
to receive more security..

Machism is not good at that...

That's also the game Sir, and that's also Emotional intelligence.

So as you have noticed nationalism and machism are not good at
optimization with the flexibility of tolerance, but social Liberalism
and social democracy are good at it, so if you want for example to open
more the market of China to American goods and services, you have to
know how to be "tolerance" that knows how to give respect and compassion
to better receive in the future, and China has to know how to apply the
division of labour and how to apply Adam Smith's specialization Theory
to be more optimized.. so as you have noticed the flexibility of
tolerance plays the role of like an heuristic that optimize better the
economic system and social system.

Immigration is the same, social Liberalism and social Democracy uses
the heuristic of tolerance towards immigrants by for example accepting
arab immigrants even if arab immigrants are not as beautiful as white
europeans, and this is done to be able to optimize better the economic
system and social system with the flexibility of "tolerance".

And i have explained also to you about the heuristic of "tolerance" that:

Capitalism also wants to optimize, and capitalism says for example
that even arabs are not as beautiful as white europeans, it says that
arabs are tolerable, because capitalism wants to optimize economy
and the society by bringing arabs immigrants that are also decent
people, because today we are constrained by many factors, and
optimization has been rendered by those constrains to as the following:

If you are useful for something like jobs and economy or/and useful to
low birth rate of white europeans or/and you are useful to higher the
consumer confidence index and/or and you are useful to better the world
order and security , you can be welcome to USA or other countries..

About America and the world..

Before, operating systems like OS/2 of IBM were a monolithic OSs ,
but as the time has gone by we have developed more sophisticated
OSs like Mach 3 or Windows NT, those sophisticated OSs were more
decentralized and were designed in a such a way to be more efficient
and managed better, the difference between a monolithic one and not
monolithic one is like programming with message passing or Object
oriented programming, and we have also the tendency to decentralize the
management of our societies to be more efficient, it's the same
for capitalism , capitalism tries to optimize better by not
being as monolithic as the old way of thinking of Hitler, so
today because of constrains on optimization, usefulness is interpreted
not as being as beautiful as white europeans or being as civilized as
white europeans to better optimize the system economically.. it's
like decentralizing to better optimize, now to not get extremist,
you have to know how to tune correctly optimization to better optimize
and to not cause problems to societies.

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.
2017-05-27 07:23:05 UTC
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Dis nous, va discuter chez le engliches, ici on est au quebec, et comme
disait de gaulle, vive le Quebec libre